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Five characteristics of good candidates

Although every company will have a set of values unique to their company culture and fit, there are some key factors that can play an important role in the suitability of a candidate during the hiring process


They have a valid reason to change job  

  • Can they discuss (with honesty) why they want to change jobs
  • Reasons can include: redundancy, location, personality conflicts, hiring mismatch, change of responsibilities


They are Reference checkable

  • Can they provide you with two people who can validate their CV - not peers or friends?


They have Realistic salary expectations 

  • Total remuneration (Shift allowance, Paid OT, Medicare, Educational Assist, Car Allowance, mobile phone, parking, membership of Gym, Training…)


They have Relevant work experience with a record of contribution and success  

  • Is their CV a job description or a list of achievements and results?
  • Can they discuss what they have to offer a company?
  • Can they discuss what they are good at?


They have a Location preference that matches the job

  • Idealy a candiate will be living (or willing to re-locate) within 40 minutes to an hours drive of the work site 
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