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9 Reasons Candidates Give For Not Applying

9 Most common reason people give for not applying for jobs...

We surveyed the reasons people give for not being interested when approached about vacancies.  The 9 most common reasons are given below:


1. Candidate is happy in current role and company, therefore not looking to move

  •  Most people will listen to a good opportunity and pass to other or refer people if possible


2. Information on job limited, therefore is not enticing 

  • Biggest opportunity for improvement here.
  • Job description are the first point of interest, if they are bland, boring, uninformative, your company will miss a lot of good candidates)


3. Salary range is below candidate’s expectations or is not market competitive 

  • Is your company paying enough?
  • Do you have current market salary information?
  • Does your job description give information on complete compensation available?


4. Location does not suit 

  • Best to leave people when the location isn’t a match, unless home working is an option


5. Candidate has more career advancement potential in current role 

  • Can your company demonstrate career advancement, promotion, development for employees?


6. Job Security 

  • Talk of Brexit & the economy means people are wary of changing into companies that could potentially move out of Ireland in a few years
  • Can you communicate the stability, market share, growth, profitability and security of recruiting site?


7. Future education is being subsidised by current employer & cannot move jobs until completed 

  • Does your company have a policy or precedent on this?


8. Candidate is involved in on-going project work 

  • Can you wait for them?
  • How critical is the timing plan for recruitment?


9. Candidate is pending exercising of share options. Waiting for a redundancy package?

  • Does your company have a policy or precedent on this?
  • Is a sign on bonus available?
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