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Before you start interviewing

Information to gather before you start interviewing!

 Ensuring that you are prepared and clear on all aspects of the role and metrics for success within this role enables you to be clear and succinct in your interview as well as enabling the candidate to get a very clear picture of the role and expectations for success within this role.


Job Summary 

  • Make sure to outline specific projects, tasks and applications/Software/Systems used as well as the short and medium term objectives.
  • Nothing reduces interest like a generic job description!


Required Experience and skills 

  • Outline any minimum qualification required. Any expertise in specific equipment, production processes, computer systems or regulatory standards.


Success Metrics

  • What metrics are used to measure success in this role?

           - % Increase in duration of people hired

           - Interview to hire ratio

           - Reduction on staff turnover

           - Number of defects per 1000

           - Accuracy of results

           - On time delivery of Project, within budget.

           - Increase in response rate to Customer Support Centre


Reason for Vacancy 

  • This is a common question asked by candidates. Often, the more senior the role, the more important this becomes


Total Compensation Information 

  • What is the salary and bonus scheme. Is health insurance, pension, education assistance or share options offered?


Company & Product information 

  • Job security is high on people’s agenda, can you reassure candidates on the stability of the recruiting site by addressing topics like market share, growth plans and profitability.


Organisation Structure 

  • Allowing the candidate to have a clear understanding of the hirarchy and reporting structure within your company allows a much smoother onboarding process.

           - How many people in company, group, department?

           - Any people reporting to the function?

           - Information on internal structure and reporting relationships

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