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Common Reasons People Leave Their Jobs

Employees leave their job for many reasons. Sometimes these reasons are tough to address as they are personal life events outside of work, but more often than not the reasons why many employees leave is under the control of the employer themselves.


These can be things like the culture and environment of the company, are they happy in their work?, is there a culture of blame within the company?, Is there open communication between them and their boss? All these factors can have a key effect on employee retention. On average it can cost around 6 to 9 months salary on average to replace an employee, but this may well be higher when costs such as onboarding, lost productivity, training, cultural impact and the cost of advertising for and hiring a new employee is taken into account. Below we have given some of the most common reasons that employees give for leaving their jobs.


The most common reasons people leave their jobs…

  • Poor manager or supervisor
  • Not challenged anymore in current position
  • Redundancy, restructuring, or reorganization.
  • No career advancement opportunities
  • Lack of training and development
  • Looking for exposure to new technologies / processes
  • Better salary or package available elsewhere
  • Not receiving recognition or appreciation
  • Nature of the work is repetitive
  • Not selected for a promotion
  • To move to a company which has a good reputation
  • To get a better Work Life Balance
  • Location no longer suits due to change in personal circumstances
  • Worried about job security
  • Find the job too difficult
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