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Job Searching Tips

Plan your search by Location, industry, role and company

  • Location:

This is key and often people’s reason for changing jobs. Realistically a commute of over 40 mins become unsustainable in the medium term. Keep your search to the location that suits you.

  • Industry:

Many people stay in the same industry for their career, but you don’t have to! By staying in the same industry changing is easier. When looking for experienced people, many companies require knowledge of their sector. Get a list of all the companies in your industry sector in your geographical preference. You should also consider companies outside your sector, companies that have a good reputation, great products or going through a growth and hiring phase.

  • Role

Again it’s easier to change job if you are going to take on similar tasks and responsibilities. You should be clear about your success in your current or past jobs. Remember job titles mean different things in different organisations, the devil may be in the detail!

  • Company

Make sure the company is successful and making money! You want to join a company that has a future, is managed well and looks after employees. Company culture is important. Get an understanding of their values, how they look after their customers and their employees.

What is their staff turnover like? Do people stay with them for long?

  • Time frame:

Three months is a realistic time frame to plan, execute and find the right job for you.

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